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Yoga Sculptures by Ovana


The FINE ART of Yoga

When you walk into your home, work space or studio, you love to see all your own taste and style - the things you've acquired - familiar, welcoming and secure.  Don't you?  Sure you do!  And when a new, special something comes across your path that fits just right into your space, it contributes to the warmth, tranquility and love that is already there.

Ovana yoga-inspired artwork, artifacts, decor and fine jewelry give a fresh perspective.  Yoga art and yoga jewelry are special and uplifting to the people who enjoy that is natural, pure, healthy and beautiful.

In every culture, art helps connect us with That which is sacred.  Walk through Ovana's cyber-corridor of galleries and view collections of work by artists from as near as the village nearby, to those exotic and mystical from as distant as the Far East.

To learn about an artist and the work, click on a Collection name in the column to the left.  Admittedly, this group of artisans is an extraordinary, eclectic mix of unique styles and talent, selected for their quality, authenticity and committment to excellence.  These individuals are gifted and eager to provide you with treasures and gifts for all occassions. When you are ready, conveniently, safely and securely just place an order.  Your order will ship within a couple of days.

For a brief overview of all Collections, click on VIEW COLLECTIONS here or on the orange bar above. 

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For more information about Ovana™ Yoga Sculptures & Jewelry
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Mosaic "Return to Oneness" Wall Sculpture - Jade

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Sterling Charm Bracelet - Eka Pada Rajakapotasana I

Medium Pendant Sterling - Eka Pada Viparita Dandasana II

Large Sterling OM Pendant by Ovana

14k Gold Large Pendant Eka Pada Rajakapotasana - without chain