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About Our Creations


Cast in Solid Sterling Silver


As a focus for your gaze during practice, a soothing reminder of healthy living in the workplace, a meaningful yoga gift or a delightful collection, Ovana™ Yoga Sculptures are the ultimate of beauty in hand cast silver. All Ovana™ Artworks are true to study, jeweler-quality renditions of gorgeous, classic, and sometimes astonishing Yoga poses. When you hold an Ovana in your hand, the feeling is sensational. They are weighty, smooth and radiant.

Ovana™ Yoga Sculptures are intrinsically balanced and stand on their own, with or without a base. Black marble bases are available by special request.

      • Each sculpture is signed by the artist and registered

      • Anti-tarnish, solid sterling silver

      • Each sculpture order includes a handsome Silverpak® anti-tarnish storage pouch and jewelers’ rouge-cloth

      • Hand crafted in the USA

      • Satisfaction 100% guaranteed

      • New releases issued as a collectible series


As we develop new works and the collection grows, media such as bronze, resins, glass will be explored.  Please keep coming back to learn about new expressions of the joy of yoga through fine art.



Ovana Yoga Jewelry


Yoga is Beautiful


As beauty begets beauty, so does each Ovana Yoga Sculpture give birth to equally exquisite, diminutive versions of itself. Each piece is 3-dimentsional and made by the lost wax casting method. Ovana yoga jewelry is made in solid sterling and 14k gold.

Pieces to wear or give as a thoughtful token of love include pendants in a variety of sizes, chokers, earrings, designer key rings, charms and charm bracelets.  The style is clean, tailored, elegant, upscale and attractive for its beauty and originality.

Lovely for the office, out on the town or meditating beside a brook in the countryside, Ovana Yoga Jewelry is always fitting.



About Us


We are Family


Ovana™ is a family of artists.  As yoga practitioners we are deeply moved by the essential beauty of yoga. Our own practice helps us feel beautiful, healthy and whole both inside and out. We are grateful for the opportunity to share the rare talent of our own sister Lindsey Johnson, inspired sculptor and goldsmith. Lindsey’s sculptures possess a unique style and quality as luminescent as the precious metals she works in.

First, she hand carves her interpretation of an advanced or traditional asana in artist's wax. She then casts the master in sterling. Finally, she etches details into the silver yogini, which characterize it as an original Ovana™ Yoga Sculpture.

Sasha Shinder is the experienced and devoted creator of our ‘yogi’ sculpture and jewelry, beginning with the fourth in the Collection, Virabhadrasana II Warrior II Pose. Sasha utilizes the same methods of casting, bringing the beauty of yoga to life in solid sterling.

Ovana artisans use the lost wax casting method to reproduce each master sculpture in solid sterling anti-tarnish silver. Each casting is hand finished and polished to a high luster. The finished product is inspected according to our impeccable standard of quality.

Ovana pieces are created in the Americas. We design, manufacture and distribute these works ourselves and so are able to offer you a very attractive value.

Recently we are approached by artists to represent works from all over the world.  If you are in love with the fine art of yoga, please contact us and share your vision with us.

About Rudrakshas


Properties of the Rudraksha Seeds in Devi Jewels Malas


3-mukhi : THE FIRE GODSadhu Shiva Rouge V

Agni Devi, burn sins, purity, hidden intelligence, memory
      • aids asthma, frequent fever
      • burn through depression and fear


4-mukhi : THE PERFECTED ONE   

Lord Brahma, memory, creativity, vocal power, intellect, wit, logic, positivity
      • hastens the achievement of the 4 aims of life : kama, artha, dharma and moksa
      • aids mental diseases, paralysis, confidence, circulation, cough

5-mukhi, “Panchamukhi” : THE RISHI, EYE OF SHIVA   Sadhu eminating Lord Shiva
Lord Rudra himself [Shiva], overall health and inner peace
      • destroys the five lopas: kama (lust). lopa (greed). muha (attachment), krodha (jealousy), ahamkara (ego)
      • aids heart diseases, blood pressure, stress, diabetes, bone marrow, liver, kidney, feet, thigh, ear, diseases of fat tissue
      • in the Padma Purana, Ch. 57 v.54, it is said, “On this earth, the 5-mukhi rudraksha is the most important.”


Lord Kartikeya, wisdom, intellegence, will power, vocal power, dissipates evil intent
      • understanding and appreciation of love, music, sex and intimate relationships
      • aids sexual dysfunction, infertility

7-mukhi : THE RAJA, THE RULER  
Lord Saptarishi
      • success in business, gambling, service, prosperity in all areas
      • relieves miseries pertaining to body, finance, mental constitution
      • aids asthma, other respiratory conditions, all diseases of the thorax, weakness, colic pain, bone and muscle pain

Lord Ganesha
      • removes all obstacles, brings all success, luck
      • all attainments, riddhies and siddhies, harmony with rivals, ideal for writers and intellectuals
      • aids lungs, feet, skin, eyes

*** 9-mukhi : THE DYNAMO  
Goddess Durga
      • body strength, dynamic energy, fearlessness
      • achieve bhoga and moksha.
      • aids diseases of lung, fever, eye pain, bowel pain, skin disease, body pain and those who are regular on sick.

Lord Vishnu
      • mukti [inner freedom]
      • controls all nine planets, removes negative planetary effects
      • name and fame, administrative/legal success
      • aids hormonal imbalance, uncoordinated thoughts

Lord Hanuman
      • wisdom, right judgment, vocabulary, adventurousness, success, fearlessness
      • aids meditation, yoga sadhanas, control of senses and removes obstacles of yogic practice
      • longevity, happiness throughout long life
      • aids overall body pain, backache, alcoholism, liver diseases prevented/cured

Sai Baba of Shi

12-mukhi : THE SUN GOD
Lord Surya
      • administrative capacity, quality of the sun – rule/move with brilliance/strength
      • ministers, politicians, administrators, self image, motivation, overall happiness, material gains, protects from accidents
      • aids heart disease, lung disease, skin disease, bowel problems


* Names in ALL CAPS are my own names for the different seeds, names in ochre are given in the yogic scriptures.  **Mukhi refers to the physical sections or “faces” on each seed.  *** Not used in current inventory.

The botanical name of the Rudraksha plant is ELAEOCARPUS GRANITRUS.  It is found in various parts of the world. The name "Rudraksha" is formed by association of two words, 'RUDRA' and 'AKSHA" or AAKSHA".  Rudra is the name of Lord Shiva. Aksha connotes 'eye'.  Aaksha means 'tear'.  It is said that the plant of Rudraksha is originated from the tear drops of Lord Shiva and that its seed contains the secrets of entire evolution of the cosmos within it.  The Rudraksha seed is said to be divine in origin, containing great mysteries within itself.  To the devotees of Lord Shiva, this is a mystically potent seed in which the god has encoded the deep secrets of the existence. 

About Chakras


'Wheel' or 'Disk'

The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit, meaning "wheel" or "disk." Traditional Hindu system names seven major chakras although there are many throughout the body. 
Lotus flowers traditionally depict the vortices of subtle energy, each resonating at different frequencies, corresponding to the colors of the rainbow. 
Positioned with the stems of each lotus flower metaphysically embedded into the spinal column from the coccyx to the crown of the head, each chakra is rooted into the sushumna at the front of the body, while the stems open out from the back
Sushumna is a vertical column within which the seven chakras are located.
Each of the seven chakras correlates to a different part of this bigger picture, directing us to those areas where we might be functioning out of balance.
As the function of the spinal cord is to relay impulses to and from the brain and other parts of the body, the sushumna channels energy from the Universal Life Force and, like a copper wire conductor, carries it to and from the Crown and Root Chakras. 
The journey upward through the chakras is spoken of in terms of "Kundalini rising." Kundalini, the serpent goddess is often depicted as coiled three and a half times around the Root Chakra
According to the Hindu tradition, when awakened, Kundalini pierces each chakra with each turn as she travels toward the crown. Once she has arrived at her destination, the subject has achieved enlightenment.


Charts help us understand the placement, power and purpose of chakras:


Chakra & Physical Location


Soul Domain



Element / Ruling 

Associated Sense

Root (1st) between anus & genitals


Survival/ Physical Needs/ Supply
Garnet or Ruby
Sacral (2nd) Lower abdomen between navel and genitals


Emotional balance/ Sexuality/ Passion/ Creativity/ Tribal Congruity
Peach Adventurine
Solar Plexus (3rd) Between navel and base of sternum


Personal power/ instinct/
self will
Mars & Sun
Heart (4th) Center of chest


Agape Love/ Relationships
Throat (5th) Centrally at base of neck


Communication/ Self expression/ discernment
Sound & Hearing
Third Eye (6th) Above & between eyebrows


Intuition/ Wisdom/ extrasensory
Telepathic energy
Neptune & Jupiter
Sixth Sense
Crown (7th) Top of head


Spirituality/ Reception from the Godhead
Full Spectrum or White
Pearl, Diamond
Thought/ cosmic energy
Beyond Self

Properties of Gemstones


Stones and Precious Metals

Amethyst : Bacchus, Dionysus, Diana, “Stone of Spirituality”, Stone of Contentment”, unconditional love and happiness, very calming yet energizing, sharp wit/logic, women strengthen bonds with lovers, magnify beauty, business prosperity, ruled by Jupiter, transmute lower energies, balances all of one’s ‘bodies’, connects Earth and other planes, clears/stabilizes/normalizes aura, opens/activates crown, bestows perfect peace, treats alcoholism, protection from thieves/danger/sickness or psychic attack

Lapis : very ancient uses, royalty, access to subtle realms and planetary wisdom, connect earth and heavens, clarity of inner shadows and anxiety, activate throat and brow chakras, unify all chakras, power of all deities, soothing on all levels, gentle, uplifting, breaks hold of conscious mind, grants courage, focuses magical intent, attracts spiritual love and fidelity, protective esp children
Azurite Malachite : “Stone of Heaven”, pursuit of heavenly self, guidance via brow chakra, awakens insight/psychic self, meditation, creativity, relaxation, entry to no-mind state, dissolves indecision/worries, stimulates compassion/empathy, reach inner depths w/o fear, refreshing, flexibility, instills sovereignty, establishes rationality in the face of sentimentality
Chrysoprase : friendship, healing, happiness, luck, success, eloquence, attract allies; banish greed, selfishness, envy, tension, shield against negativity. Venus, “divine love of truth,” experience being part of a greater whole, perceive synchronicities, childlike innocence, feelings of trust and security, brings a loving energy, opens heart, fidelity in business, instills a state of grace, accesses deep meditative states
Eagle’s Eye [Pietersite] : stimulates pineal and pituitary glands, visions, precognition, aligns chakras, grounds to etheric body [which is rare], access to the Akashic records, “keys to the kingdom of heaven,” activates love of humanity, recognition of beauty of the soul, experience self as God, see through illusion, tenacity, courage to maintain beauty

Lepidolite : “Stone of Peace”, rarely used for jewelry, very calming, stress reduction, restful sleep, soothes anger/hatred/despondency, good luck, attune to subtle vibrations, psychic awareness, activate throat/heart/ajna/intellect, open crown, refreshing, “stone of transition”, induce change, ease transitions, generates negative ions [?], ironically good for business/diplomacy, transmute desires into spiritual ideals, innocent self-love, trust, openness, honesty, used to stabilitize environments and ley lines

Malachite : worn to detect impending danger
Moss Agate : “Gardener’s Talisman”, physically energy, courage, longevity, pleasing to vegetative deities, draw love, remove envy/spite, truth, purity of words, protection from accidents and snake/insect bites, quench thirst, calming/refreshing, markings used for scrying, agreeability, persuasiveness, strength/efficiency, self-esteem, positivity, reveals beauty in all that is seen, draw riches, plant/mineral/human communication, resolve weather patterns
Nephrite Jade : “Dream Stone,” “Stone Of Fidelity”, receptive, Kwan Yin, Buddha, healing, longevity, eternality, gardening, prosperity, musical instruments, resonant, carved into ancestors/altars/eating bowls, fortunate, power over weather, love and money attracting, resolve non-physical causes of disease, ajna chakra wisdom, logic, sequential reasoning, accident protection, realization of potential, devotion to purpose, remember/lucid dreams, access/connection to Mayan knowledge, peace on all levels, resourcefulness, confidence, positive visions, manifestation, astral travel
Poppy Jasper : a chalcedony, the “Supreme Nurturer”, reminds us we are here to assist and uplift others, strengthens community, comforting during isolation, strong protection, protector of traditions for Native Americans, stabilizes aura with Earth, safe astral travel, balance astral body with denser bodies, energetic cleansing, rid of negativity, connection to solar plexus, bodily rejuvenation, balance yin/yang, align chakras, sustaining during long fasts or duress
Rainbow Jasper : jasper is the “Supreme Nurturer” empathy, self-restraint, peaceful sleep, courage, strong protection, determination, honesty, bring dreams to life strong protection, solar plexus, clear thinking, grounding, common sense, relieves pain
Rhodonite : “Stone Of Unconditional Love”, brings love to physical plane, attain greatest potential, calm assurance, dispels anxiety, intuitive guidance balances yin/yang, stimulates/activates heart chakra and pineal gland, grounds mental level, coherence amidst chaos, stimulates desire to serve, generosity, attention to detail
Rose Quartz : “Stone Of Gentle Love”, calming/cooling, gently replaces negativity w/self-love, good after chaos/crisis, soft/silky to heart and crown centers, normalizes all chakras, healing emotional wounds, receptivity to art/music/imagination, rapport with plants/animals/humans/advanced lifeforms, lactation, symbolic of all forms of the Goddess, used atop ceremonial wands to direct energy, peaceful sleep, lucid dreams, draws love
Ruby Zoisite : Ruby, the “Stone of the Sun” is all about wealth attraction, invulverability, joy, confidence, courage, bodily warmth, style, vigor, passion, rejuvenation. Zoisite : independence, recovery, creativity. Ruby zoisite is magical, altered states, self-actualization, pychic awareness, opens crown chakra, overall energy amplification
Gold : projective, awareness of ‘all that is’, “master healer”, purify and balance heart chakra, activate brow and crown chakras, open realm of complete understanding,clear/cleanse aura/all chakras, combat depression/inferiority/anger and feeling overburdened, learning without trauma, mobilize inner potential and beauty, attract honors/wealth/happiness, dissolves stress, positivity, attune w/natural forces
Silver : receptive, moon, eternal Goddess, used during full moon ceremonies, eloquence, invocation, dreams, lends refinement and popularity, calming, patience, perseverence, insight, gives order to moods and thoughts, travel protection, draw money and love, mirror to the soul, objectivity as if from outside, psychic opening and dreams, connect physical and astral via ‘silver cord’, steadying effect on gemstones, direct gemstone energies, cleanse and detox body. 

About OM

OM is God in the Form of Sound 

OM is the best of all essences, deserving the highest place.  According to Indian spritual sciences, God first created sound, and from these sound frequencies came the phenomenal world.

...Our total existence is constitued of these primal sounds, which give rise to  mantras when organized by a desire to communicate, manifest, invoke or materialize.  Matter itself is said to have broceeded from sound and OM is said to be the most sacred of all sounds... 

It is the syllable which preceded the univers and from which the gods were created.  It is the 'root' syllable (mula mantra), the cosmic vibration that holds together the atoms of the world and heavens.  Indeed the Upanishads say that OM is god in the form of sound. Thus Om is the first part of the most important mantras in both Buddhism and Hinduism, for examples, Om Namoh Shivai and Om Mani Padme Hum.  

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